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a reply: food and life

as a reply to awaken69 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99EIJL49YXg

lol, that divisive skippy! haha. my mom always preferred JIF to skippy or peter pan...altho i think they are all equally evil. while the US is carb phobic (and i cant speak for Europe or others) and totally focused on organic everything. Japan is not. one reason is that Japan still does things like rotate crops and limit fertilizers. the US has gone so haywire with its chemicals that its a necessity to look for full-nutrient foods. the fruit here in Japan TASTES like fruit. its so different. (Just avoid the china imports!) and... its rice and noodles with a splattering of fish and veggies and (eek!) FRIED pork cutlet. AND lots and lots of beer. LOTS. and sake and umeshu and more BEER. has been and always will be. but they live longer than USA-ers. !!

Eating for sports and eating for life are different. thats for sure. but i dont think carbs are totally evil, per se. colas, processed breads (like the kind in my sandwich) and things like this are not great for all the reasons you mention. but life is balance. good food, good fun, good relationships, and lots of movement. I think the USA is so hung on on food that we forget the other components of a healthy lifestyle. a human is body and soul. both need to be nourished. a good cinnamon roll (and not from cinnabon!) every once in a while does the body and soul good. with a nice cup of tea and good friend after a morning run. im convinced! good relationships make us live longer because life is worth staying around for! Depressed people die sooner. and movement! sports, hobbies -a reason to be. also very very important.

I think it's great that you can control your diet, but i just cant. I dont eat fried foods, sweet beverages, or bakery items very much. i have a weakness for umeshu-soda but a "drinking night" is 2-3 and maybe every other week. i enjoy my homemade french toast with strawberries, or my kimchee and cheese omlette. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. i cant change that and to take that away limits my happiness.

so, anyways, im not in any way arguing or even trying to say your opinion about food intake is incorrect...(im sure it is physically better!) but for me, what i eat seems to work and trying to make huge changes and cut the things i love takes the life out of life. maybe i can't every get rid of that little pork with my diet, but perhaps if i was cycling 200km a week like i should be....haha.

anyways, thanks for the postings. :)


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May. 12th, 2010 09:30 am (UTC)
yep, it's me - the youtube commenter! ;)
i think, reading your post here, we pretty much agree on every single point then :)
the reason i'm throwing around health tips and stuff at a frightening rate at the moment is that i just cured myself from decades of several chronic health problems by questioning everything we have been told by the media and doctors, doing my own research on what science actually *really* knows about nutrition and chronic health problems, and then applying it. people need to know, that 90% the have been told is harmful, outdated crap, partially influenced by not understanding science properly, and also by the huge influence and lobbying of the food and agricultural industry. i mean, one just needs to watch "fat head" or read gary taubes book "good calories, bad calories" (or watch some of his youtube vids), and you wanna go puke out of disgust about the current nutritional recommendations by the so called "experts", paid by the industry. the situation is very similar to the tobacco problem decades ago.
this is pretty much what i view as the next, final nutritional approach, because it's based on evolutionary science on how we actually were built to process food:
http://is.gd/c1dYP and http://is.gd/c1es0

btw, i noticed that you get sick rather often. please get your vitamin D level checked, and if below 40ng/l, supplement with 10'000IU D3 (drops or pills) for several month. i cured my neurodermatitis with this regime in just a few weeks (it's normally not curable) - so believe me, i know *exactly* what i'm talking about. i researched this for the last several month. research estimates that just by supplementing most citizens of western europe for example, 180'000'000'000€ (!!) in health cost could be saved, because pretty much everyone is deficient (do you work 8h/day outside, half naked, as our ancestors did? no? well..) and most chronic diseases, incl depression, multiple sclerosis and several cancers seems to be strongly linked to vit D deficiency. you may read some more here: http://www.easy-immune-health.com/Vitamin-D-facts.html (it's just a simple site for lay people, but nevertheless, accurate).
get yourself tested asap (blood test in a walk-in lab). it's the single most important thing everyone can do for their future healt. i'm not kidding:

“Vitamin D deficiency is the single
most important dietary deficiency in the world
today. It has already been linked to prostate cancer,
colon cancer and breast cancer. After almost 35 years
of increases in allergic and autoimmune disease,
we are beginning to understand the causes
of the epidemic”.
- Harvard Medical School, Respiratory,
Environmental and Genetic Epidemiology,
Channing Laboratory, Brigham & Women’s Hospital,
Boston, Massachusetts,

PS: also try taking 2-5mg of sublingual vitamin B12 next time you go for a swim or run (pharmacy or mail order). and see what happens.. ;)
i have a lot of other awesome (natural) performance improving tips, but that would probably go too far for now..
May. 20th, 2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
Check out this photographer that has been living in Japan for years, I wrote to him about you
Hello lisa:
I am a follower of yours on justin.tv and also on this journal. There is a guy who is a photographer who also moved to Japan. I wrote to him about you as he captures Japan through the eye of the lense so beautifully. Check his site out.
May. 20th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
Lisa also try Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter where the oil is on the top of the creamy butter
Try this peanut butter if you can get it Lisa:

I use the unsalted version of it. It is delish!
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