Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

At the internet cafe...

Hey all.

I have found myself computerless for the weekend, until Tuesday. On Wednesday, ill start my new job, and hopefully have the opportunity to swing by RMD to post the fun stuff.

I opened up a Macy's account to buy my new "career-wear" I think i did ok, considering i managed to hit a huge sale (isn't it always a sale at MAcy's??) a new suit, and some separates and shirts, and a sleek baby blue/ with navy trim bag to carry around. im especially happy about the bag, since the one i had before is canvas and is so covered in cat hair, it could be mistaken for a cat. i just couldnt take that into the nice new office.

so, the J gets off of work around 2pm, so i think we might go out to a cheap McDonalds lunch and enjoy the daytime that we have off together.

Theres this little wewbcam above my computer. for some reason its very comforting, even though its not on or anything. to bad i coulndt forward the image to my site. too bad its not free to use.

This internet cafe brings back so many memories. The last time I was here, i was jobless and desparately searching on hotjobs. so its an intruigin feeling being here with the explicit purpose of socializing (via the net, of course) and doing what i want to do instead of feeling like the world is after me.

alright, i need to tackle this bagel. its overpriced and uncut. the cream cheese comes on the side. i think im just going to tear off little pieces and dip them instead of messing around with this flimsy, white plastic knife.

love to all!!!!

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