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The IRA saga continues

yes folks - AG Edwards, then Wachovia, then Wells Fargo. Bought out and bought out again. 5 digits worth or retirement savings of mine, a Roth IRA, is somehow put in "abandonment status" during these past two years in Japan. Why? Because some snail mail came back to them. Did my advisor ever tell me? Did he ever update my mailing address after requesting so? Did he even write a goodbye mail to tell me he was leaving? NO NO and NO. Im SO ANGRY. Im fighting for the funds that are RIGHTFULLY MINE! MY SAVINGS! Fuckers! Now the latest. Money Laundering? WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THRU THIS TO GET MY MONEY! See below:

"This is what came back from our money laundering dept. look below…can you send us copy of what is needed?

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Unit has completed its review of the paperwork submitted for the above named client(s) and we are unable to complete the verification process due to the following:

* Explanation of why this client is in Japan, when she moved to Japan, and how much longer she expects to reside there. Please submit.
* International Business Request Form (IBRF) - Wells Fargo Advisors LLC restricts the opening of new accounts if any of the clients, or any part of the entity, resides in any country not listed on the Allowable Country List for New International Accounts. The account cannot be opened without obtaining an exception. - Attached below. Required for Japan. Please submit along with employer verification letter.
* New Account Application Form or New Account Worksheet and Associated Person(s) Form - Please submit.
* Enhanced Due Diligence & Qualification Form (Individual and JTTEN Accounts ) -

Page 1 - Required Documentation - Please check the Enhanced Due Diligenc, New Account Documentation, and Approved International Business Request Form boxes and submit the latter two.
Page 1 - AML Component: "Other" can not be used. Please select a second item from the list and submit.
Page 2 - Please complete the Name, ID Type, County of ID, and ID Number boxes.
Page 3 - Please complete the source of wealth and provide information about client's current employment, etc.
Page 3 - Please indicated the Frequency of Check and Deposit usage.

* Copy of each client’s valid and legible government issued picture identification, such as a driver's license, passport, Resident Alien ID card, or cedula - Please submit.
* U.S. Person's Social Security Number (SSN) - Social Security card, W-2, 1099 statement, Medicare card, driver's license (only if it shows SSN), or tax returns - Please submit
* One And Same Letter if Client is using another name that does not match his / her government issued ID - Please submit
* Supporting documentation for two AML Components listed on the Enhanced Due Diligence & Qualification Form - Individual and JTTEN Accounts - Please submit a second item.
* Foreign Financial Intermediary Attestation (attached below) - This attestation is required for any individual/entity that provides legal, tax or investment advice. - Please submit if applicable."



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