Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

back at the cafe

another day as a cog in the corporate wheel. i can see it now. at least my new boss likes me, so far. he returned today and welcomed me with a big smile. I learned a little more about him. apparently he doesnt want to go back to japan. See, at this "american branch" of kyowa hakko, i was thinking that we were a separate company...but no, we are actually part of kyowa hakko kyogo, but just the american arm. so, every two years, the marketing directors get twitched out (the head 50 year old males inthe back offices) and go back to japan to be replaced. So, theres never any real hope of moving up the ladder, since i would have to be a japanese man to ever get to do what they do. its all rather disheartening...

in any case, my boss wants to stay in the USA, and i guess he loves everything about it. at some point he will have to go back to Japan, but for now he is ruler of the Chemical sales for the US. i was going to learn some japanese and try and speak it, but maybe i shouldnt. i am still trying to figure out why i was hired (incidentally, i learned no guys were even interviews, as a guy should have a head position...all the assistants are women, all the managers are men). They didnt hire the african american or indian girls, and I also hear that they were quiet, while I was talkative. maybe it means nothing, but i definately feel the cultural shame in being a woman. lame ass glass ceiling. in any case, the benefits rock, and im going to try and be a superstar to get good raises, and in a year or two try and save some cash to go back to school for my MBA. How im going to do that AND do this project, i dont know. But, ill figure out something. I can already tell, I dont wanna be a cog.

The J went out last night about the time I went to bed. HE had today off, and wanted to spend 20$ of the80$ we have until the first on alki, so i lended it to him.

i was happy he wanted to mess around a little before he left, because the guy he went to hang out with is really hot and gay and wants the J. (rhyming on a friday!!!)
So, i hoped that would cool his jets a bit. not that i mind messing around (after all, im not a guy, and cant fill that part of his life...we have an understanding that works both ways)
anyways, i havent seen him since last night. i awoke at 2:30am to find the bed still empty, and i know he crashed at JAson's. I like that better than him attempting to come home in our neighborhood at 5 am and waking me up. I guess theJ wanted to get over to 80s night, but i think they ended up drinking at the Wonderbar over on 6th, between a and b. Not sure its spelled that way, but whatever..
now that its my night off, i dont think i can go out because i have no cash. im going to head over to the chat room real quick like and then i might head overto RMD to see if laura is still there. laura and i are going to see "Jets to BRazil" play next weekend. I love them!
im jumping all over here...

im off ot the chat room, so see if anyone loves me!!

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