Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

3 minutes till 9

ok, three minutes fo freedom before i have to start working.
in answer to randee's questions, the homelife is strange. jeramy is being extra sweet,and doing all those little things he should have before i broke up with him. i was happy to see that he went out last night. He called up adam and didnt come him euntil 5:30am. thats good, especially after the rant about having noone to talk to.

Hes taking it like a trooper, and i think we'll be ok as roomates until one of us decides to sleep around. YIkes.

I told him too, that if he got rid of the cat (like he was talking about) that i would never talk to him again. i think that insured a long life for the feline. what i do for that species!!

ok, i gots to go. see ya after work!
or at lunch, or something.
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