Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

going through the motions

yeah, im all in a daze today. with the break up stress and the wierd sleeping schedule, im all in the zone. i have nothing to say to anybody, which is just as well, since i have a TON of work to do today on top of closing out the sales for the month.

i aquired a futon matress to throw on the floor, yesterday. glam! more college vibe again! my contract with the matress store lets me trade in my matress within 60 days for something else, so hopefully, ill have the extra 100$ to upgrade to a bed matress on the floor, instead of a futon matress. on the other hand, maybe ill just get a futon frame and call it good. id rather be up off the ground than have a rad mattress. im not picky.

so, thats being delivered today and i got jeramy to hang around for it. i mean, its not going to be delivered until between 3:30 and 7:30, but still, it cuts into his day off and he's not too happy about it. i completely understand, but we REALLY have to get separate rooms starting tonight. its dragging me down being together yet not. id rather hide in my own room. you know? and last night i caught him rubbing my butt.

must have own space.

so yeah, im looking forward to doing some redecorating tonight, unfortunately, i maxed out my credit cards again on the matress. grrr. i just want to pay those things off, but i always end up short. i KNOW that when things settle down, ill be ok, but they just dont settle.

on the money, note, i have a post office near my work, so ill be opening a a po box, after my paycheck clears (75% of that goes to rent this time!!! grr again!) so, ill keep you posted, if anyone still has a kind heart for donations toward the project. as you can see, alot of the fun stuff and video has been delayed due to lack of computer access. i have a series of partial nudes (i took them when i was depressed on saturday) im excited to put up, but i cant do that at kinkos (hey pervert..why are you editing PORN on our computers??) you know :)

stuff like that is just annoying. i get creative and i can only do so much. so, yes, computer is a top priority this month.

anyways, im going to take my lunch break

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