Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

oatmeal and cheese doodles

thats my lunch today, since my paycheck decided not to clear...or should i say Chase bank decided to take its sweet time on the day my rent is due. anyway. i dont recommend it, cause im feeling rather pukey right now.

on a FABULOUS note, i got a call from Noelle yesterday night. you know, my fave rockstar from New Orleans. the J forgot to tell me about it, since we were all engrossed in the process of getting separate rooms. anyways, i CANT WAIT to see her. I MUST behave though. Sometimes I can't believe I went out with a guy when the beautiful Noelle was around the whole time being flirty. (oh yeah...she had that girlfiend)
anyways, i have a conference in NO at the end of June, and i cant wait to catch up!

my lunch break is over. past over. I've been exchanging email with this hottie from Atlanta (hottie girlie, of course!) instead of writing in here. i los tthe whole email too, so she ended up getting a few lines of randomness instead of my life story, which as we all know is a little too complicated to explain over one lunch hour.

god, i feel like shit. no more apple oatmeal with this wierdo.
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