Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

part two and then some

ok, im seriously woozy. i worked out in the pool for the first time in a long time. a rad viewer gave me this black swimsuit a while back and so im going to start using that every day, since its the best one i own. but yeah, i have a sugarlow, and the ruby red grapefruit jiue is doing jack shit for my current state of faintness.

as luck would have ti, Frank (my old boss) decided not to let me have the camera over the weekend, but he PROMISED me the camera on monday. i told him "i get my viewers all excited over new footage and then i cant get the camera! i hate letting them down." now, see its not mine to demand, but miss laura at RMD has beentaking almost 3 weeks to edit this video that i did in 2 days (i them prompty erased it on accident which is why she had to do it over. i guess this is really all my fault) but he PROMISEd me on Monday he would have the camera. im praying, cause i have such great stuff on these 8mm tapes, that no digital cmera is going to help me download. grrr.

ok, back to NO.

I had a mission. it was a silly mission. a childish, horny, 15 year old, lame ass fucking stupid, and did i mention HORNY mission. I told Noelle "my mission on this trip is to take someone different home every night" how lame is that? ok, im a boy..i admit it, and i was in New Orleans partying it up to die. Noelle laughs and says "go girl".
So, first on the agenda was this guy named Jason. I met him when i lived down there before and at thetime he was seeing this hot chic named hannah. i was seeing a hot chic named Jeramy. I didnt even think about it except to admire his good looks (inseert pictures). he was working off shore, cooking, or something. I came find out this time around that hed been fired for drinking on the job or something. in any case, noelle and crystal and i met up with Jessica at Turtle Bay (its called Cafe Roma now, on Decatur. thats where all the posse hangs out at least once or twice a week. its always turtle bay to us) had a few too many drinks. and i think thats were i ran into Jason. perhaps we saw him the night before. (a week after the fact, many drinks later and a tough workout to boot, im a little foggy). but yes. some vibes must have been right, and both of us must have been realyl easy because i dont think it was an hour later that he and i "went for a walk" . everyone was loaded that night and it wasnt until the next day that rememebred that we had tried to get into Harrah's Casino, and he didnt have an ID and we were turned away. hmm.
we went up the the river and sat on the benches and talked for a long time, but we all know why were were there and soon enough we were ont he way back to my hotel. i was praying that none of my bosses would see me. luckily, there werent really any desk attendants around. good, i thought. the less witnesses of my horrible use of company leniency, the better. got up to my room and turned on VH1 and relaxed. (photos again) but you know how these things go. it wasnt long until we were flipping around half naked on the bed. one thing that you must note here is that i LOVE drunken making out. people are so much more exciting and uninhibited. i dont mean that as i CARELESS. people are careless to. im not. i dont want kids or diseases..but ii definately like things to get crazy. we were damn crazy. the beds were tiny and we kept flipping over and crashing off the bed andstopping only for a few seconds to laugh. i still have a rugburn on my neck. in the end though, the sex want happening cause we didnt have any condoms. fine with me. i had fn anyway.
the next morning, the wake up call came a little earlier than what i had asked for. so there was time to make coffee and talk. jason and i are both rpetty chill, so i didnt get a sense of any strangeness. i was worried, once again, that the bosses would in the lobby. i thought of excuses and i knew i could fool them. id just tell we had breakfast. seemed like a sensible thing. the conference didnt stat until 12pm,so it might be perfectly logical that i might have breakfast with a friend of mine before then. luckily, noone i knew was in the lobby and we parted ways, sleepily, and i looked forward to another short day at the show. my co-worker, mary attended that day,and be both es caped for lunch (one of the few meals i partook in. mmm, fried shrimp po-boy...sooo good) (insert pictures) the day ran on and the AC in the convention center blasted and i froze and soon it was 5:30 and i was off to another night of craziness.

Not quite right off. i took a 5 hour nap to recover from the night before. Jessica called around 11 and if i hadnt have been visiting and all, id have blown her off and stayed in bed. i was exhausted. but, i love the girl and i was visiting, so i dragged myself from the dreams and soft white sheets into the hot shower and semi clean summer clothing and out to the sweltering streets. i grabbed a cab and met her down at turtle bay. she as there. jason was there. jessicas ex boy, bob was there. i swore i was going to take it easy, cause tuesday night i planned to party until i died. i still had my mission in the back of my mind, but it seemed sort of silly at this point. i dined on some fine shrimp and cream sauce pasta (notice the trend in the shrimp thing?) and declined drinks until i couldnt decline them. Jessica convinced me to have a shot. i think i had two. we spent the night talking and catching up and finally decided to head on over to
the crow bar for hip-hop night and a little pool. and here i must take a break, for its getting expensive and i need to eat.)
stay tuned for part 3

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