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its all about oatmeal for lunch. baby. my coworkers dont even ask me to go out with them anymore cause i spend the whole lunch hour on the computer. lame huh? yes, im lame.
So, lets see where was i? yes, i think i was shooting pool with Jessica on Tuesday night, and yes, it was my recovery night. JAson looked in the door of the crowbar and made smoky motions through the haze. I'm like..yo im playing pool, im not going out there. i didnt realize he was actually going home, but thats ok, cause i had no plans to go with him. so jess and i played and we were trying to decide if the butchy black chic we were playing with was a lesbian or not. i lost the table, as i am a bad pool player and those ladies played a game. by this time, i was sorta tired and wanted to get a good 4 hours of sleep to prepare for the next day at the conference and my last night of debauchery. jessica walked me back tomy hotel, and in theory, i did take her home with me, although we didnt get it on, cause she is my friend and all. shes a fab drummer and yearns for the day when her talents will be noticed by the mass public. we talked a lot abouthow it was going to be when she is a rockstar. i told her to remember who i am and ill come and film and generally slack off. we got back to the room and turned on the ever present VH1 and chatted and finally i had to tell her i was going to bed. i was too tired to pay attention, no matter how much i love the girl. passed out.

TUESDAY it morning already? oh yes. showered and put on the same long sleeved black shirt i had been wearing to the conference all the other days. Kissed miss jessica goodbye and promised to hang out later in the day. blah blah..conference 12..1...2..3..LUNCH!..5..5:30 ESCAPE! Went back to the hotel to shower, relax and get a plan. I was to Meet noelle and crystal in the lobby and join them with Jessica for band practice. I bounce down and kiss them both in a tight playboy shirt..and turn to find all my boss sitting with his friend. He was sorta smiling, and I think he thought I was crazy. But he asked me if I had seen another boss of mine. I said no and skipped off. we had to move this bongo drum from the front into the back of the truck and it was for some reason a dilemma and by the time we did it, my boss was walking by, smuggly smiling at me. i couldn tell what he was thinking, but being conservative, and watching three crazy beautiful woman struggling with a drum ina large red truck did someething. in any case, i decided not to think about him or wonder how his new opinions of the playboy bunny shirt tightly wrapped around my bust would effect our work relationship. We drove off to Jessicas house, uptown as it was, kinda near the old here and now house. We found her there with her ex, bob chillin on the bed. Jess was warming up the keyboard. to make a long story short, they practiced...(Noelle, and jess) bob napped. then he woke up and jammed bass. Christal and I banged unhelpfully on the bongo drum sorta to the beat and sorta not, adding a tribal flair to noelle's cover to Hole's "Violet" Good fun. Of course, soon enough, the Southern Comfort was opened and the half bottle left was downed and we were having an even better time as Noelle and Jessica started up the second half of practice. The thunderstorm outside loomed, crashed, burned and got over itself and we headed on down to Turtle Bay to continue the drunken groove. poor bob got to sit in the back in the water (this is a truck, mind you and three girls in the front took up all the room). Unfortunately, right as we were getting the groove on, Noelle received a call from her roomate and he needed to be picked up, an hour and half away. Noelle was PISSED. i mean, i woudl be too...the last night of craziness and having to go pick up this guy was not in the plan. So, after arguing with Christal briefly over random things i tried not to listen to, she left with Jessica for the night. (it was about 1 am at the time) So now it was down to me, Christal, Bob, and Jason who turned up after work. After more drinks, we decided to go over to the crowbar for some pool. after a game or two, Christal decided she needed to leave . it was 3 am, and she had to work the next day. We hugged and i promised to email her pictures (THEY ARE COMING, CHRISTAL!!). So it was me and bob and jason. And all of a sudden i started to notice how flirty bob was acting. proly the alcohol, but he was being absolutely flirty, and of course JAson had to start in two. I was getting all these little head scratches, hugs, belt loop tugs. you know the drill, boys. ah, the choices. i decided tonight i needed some lovin, but who would it be? hmmm. the choices. Well, I decided to lose the original plan of the mission. 1. because that would mean id need to take bob home with me. 2. that was impossible, cause the last thing i was going to do was do Jessica's ex 3. Bob lives in New Jersey, and is just visitn New rather have a friend after the summer is over 4. bob looks sorsta young. i think hes like 19, or something.
5. Jason was easytoo.

So, i went home iwth Jason. Bob wrote me this nice little message on a piece of paper with his number, so i guess ill give him a call to say hi when he gets back up here in September. but yes, i decided to go back to Jasons place, agains the better judgement that yipped somewhere in the distance. he gave me a ride on the back of his bike (pedals, not motor) i wasnt too sure about standing on the pegs on the back, being drunk and all..and him acting like he was at a motorcross race...but i survivied) the apartment was spacious, slighltly filthy,but had a medium sized beach ball that attracted my personal attentions for a bit. We started to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but we both knoew why i was there, and headed to bed. All of a sudden, i was mad tired. it was 6 am and I had to get up at 7:30 to get back to my hotel by 8 to take a shower and drink water before the conference at 9am. Grrr. why did i do this? oh well..and after a minute or two of snuggling, i got the urge back. Unfortunatly, i think the first night of making out was about 70% more exciting. i did use a female condom for the first time though. i didnt trust it. i guess it worked. i hope so. Jason says "try feels better for the guy." ok, thats a the guy CANT feel good. How about better for me? Thats what im into.
I think i still like regular condoms.
yeah, so theres not much to tell. not even much foreplay. but half an hour later i go to sleep...and an hour after that the alarm went off. i decided to call a cab, since id be late byt the time JAson woke his lazy ass up and gave me aride home. the doorbell rang and rang...and Jasons roomate got it. i poked my head out to see a naked roomate. and i recognized him as this guy i saw at the bar some night previous. so, heres jason and his roomamte walking aorund naked. i went back into the bedroom and shook the images from my head. the cab came and i kissed JAson goodbye (after all hes a nice guy in that way that guys you sorta know are..and hes friends with Christal, so im gonna be extra nice..and i like him i covering for something?) i was about to jump into the cab and he yelled out the window for my i told him and climbed in and drove off. UGha
man...i was TIRED. I rolled into the conference on time an dlooked alive. My boss (the playboy shirt viewer one) akse dme why i was tired. I told him I got in at 8am, and he told me i was a juvenile delinquent. Hmm,what a GREAT impression i had made. i left the conference at 10:30am, packed and grabbed a car to the airport. the rest is a mess of sleepiness, and attempting to stay awake over the layover in atlanta. i arrivedhome at 9:30pm...back to my brooklyn apartment, tired, refreshed, and ready to deal with life again. its amazing what leaving for a while can do.

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