Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

last night

i think i mentioned in my last entry that i had to go meet Louisa at the telephone bar. Well, on the way, I had an hour to burn, and I met up with my old friend Faxom (manager of that glam gay club Twirl) and we talked about the scene and how much it sucks in the summer and caught up..since i havent seen him since my RMD days. he happens to live right near the telephone bar, so we walked and talked and didnt fall down. i was all corprated out, so i stopped into Urban Outfitters and bought a jean skirt to casual down a bit. By this time it was 8:30, and i met Louisa relaxing outside. We waited a bit longer for Shane, who as it happens is actually a hot woman and not a guy. We started the first round and were soon joined by all of Louisa's english and irish friends...and i have to say its the most difficult task to understand slurred accents in a loud bar. But i did try. I met Shane's man, Derek and Boris, whos real name is JAmes Carroloff, or something, but the whole Carolloff is sorta like Boris Carlov, know. i cant spell, but you get the jist. So yeah, we all hang out and laugh and i have my eye on a hot guy in 70s glasses with a cowboy hat. Louisa informs me hes proly married. I forget sometimes that the people i hang out with are 10-20 years older than me...and that they are in a very different place in life. So, i shook any notion of flirtations for the evening out of my appendix and just had a good time. i think it was better that way. We eneded up leaving the bar around mignight in search of another haunt, but we ended up yelling and hugging on a street corner. i ran into the little deli store and grabbed water and some salt and vinegar pringles (YUM!) and shared them with everyone. Boris had dissapeard, since he lived somewhere nearby and Louisa and i decided to call it a night, since i had to get up for work and if we split a cab to brooklyn, its cheaper. i finally plopped into bed at 1:30am. not too bad. i left a CD on repeat, and i think i remember turning it off during the night, but in any event, it was off in the morning. we're supposed to go dancing on friday. yay! i need a smaller camera so i can sneak it in!

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