Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


I was awakened this morning from my dreaming at 5am. I was explaining to my high school sweetheart that he should use condoms during sex. i think his "girlfriend" in my dream was there too. hmmm. anyways, i was awakened by the D saying goodnight. "I cant believe you answered the phone!" he says. Well, see, since the phone is 2 inches from my head, ringing loudly, and theres no other person who calls in the middle of the night, and id really like to talk to him and not the machine...of course im going to get it. i was sorta awake anyways, i think...i needed water. i was tossing in any case, but still dreaming. hes supposed to call me at 7 tonight to hang out. im thinking i should just turn this into a turid fling with great sex. i cant imagine what else it could be, and im totally NOT getting any sex from it right now. (Foreplay and then passing out doesn not count) D says , I only come over when im invited" so i guess i need to be more proactive in all of this and invite him, instead of waiting for him to call. Obviously, he is a little passive about all of this. Besides, i still want to take photos in his apartment, so i need to make this last for a little while. How lame is that? You know, its strange but i wads thinking that basically eveything and everyone is content for my ideas for the website. I wonder if someday ill start meeting people for the sole reason that i need something more interesting on the website...more interesting personalitues. then i think...why do people want to meet other people anyway? to learn new things and be excited about something again. so its all the same and an interesting conclusion.

last night, Kyle and his woman Michelle took me to BAnditos for dinner. I was soo tired. and mega late from the gym. on top of that, the L train was slow, so when i promised to be there at 7pm, i should have said 7:45. Whoops. in anycase, you all know who kyle is (NOX). It was nice to sit down have have a second to talk, cause when he was in NO, i think i was on the run most of the time (i am now too, but running in the right direction). Michelle is great too. What a hottie! I know a couple of girls now who do the long black hair and short bangs thing. it always looks so good, but i cant carry it off. speaking of which i need to dye my hair crazy red again, cause its fading fast. do i have a point to any of this post or am i rambling? i think so.
the rambling bit. Anyways, thanks Kyle for everything..all yur help and yummy burritos. Have a good flight home. I wanted to give you guys a hug goodbye, but there was a car between us.

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