Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


I decided to go to bobs picnic last night after all. it had been sorta toss up, depndin gon what Louisa wanted to do. Seeing as she just broke up and kicked out her boyfriend yesterday, she had no intentions of going out dancing like we had talked about. So, yes, I get home and im completely exhausted. i could barely stay awake on the F train. My neck was swollen up, like i was getting sick and sorta ached. i wondered if it was the amrtest idea to go out. ignoring reason, i changed into a little black tank top and some jeans, and grabbed my money, atm card, keys, metrocard, and a hoodie and raced out the door.
got to maccaren park around 7pm and opened up some wine. met people. got hit on by some german guy who repeated 800 times that we were going to the shakespeare festival together. im into it, cause i wanna see shakkespeare. i think hes looking for something more, but thats all i can give at the moment. Bob jokes around.."did you find a man last night?..." refering the sweetwaters craziness. i admitted that i hadnt and he scoffed..."how could i have not..sweetwaters..full of over hormonosized men and no women" but alas..we all know the story.
pizza arrived, carried in by conrad. i didnt have any. i still wasnt feeling well.
night began to fall and the crowd moved on to the turkey's nest and started to drink. i sipped on a Bud and started too feel a little better. some poeple left i think. in any event, i started talking to conrad about here and now because he worked for blah blah, much like bob...
conrad says what do you do? and worked at blah lisa from here and now. hes like..ok cool! and we started chatting about that and art and we ended p talking for a long time. we decided we wanted to go to sweetwaters but noone wanted to come with us, on account that bob didnt want to go...
and bob didnt want to go cause louisa was there and louisa was in a bad way..
ok, so we head off to sweetwaters and i have soe whiskey and start to feel worse. we talk about everything under the sun until 4am, when i decide we are going to have an adventure.
and where is my favorite adventure place? ah yes, the abandoned pool. we walk over there and find that that the rip in the fence has been repaired! drat i say! but i just happened to know that that would be the case, cause i saw another new rip while we were walking. we squeeze through it and i cant help but feel lik eindiana jones, pushing the branches out of the way, entering the forbidden temple. there were all these low branches and high weeds and we had to navigate them around this wall, int he pitch black. conrad brought out his lighter and tried to make a dent in the blackness and we finally popped out of the jungle at the normal entry way to the bottom of the pool. like anyone, conrad totally loved it, and we explored over and i noticed there were some wheelbarrows full of dirt in te main pool, and some digging going on that wasnt there before. im wondering whats going on, but have to answers. (ill have to go back)
we climb the steps of the aushwitz building, turn the corner and instead of just a matress there, it looks almost at if theres a body. both of us stop at the motionles outline. dead..alive? it looks like a mummy with no head. what if he were dead...or worse yet..a vampire or something? Conrad ignites the lighter and waves it around the body. seconds later, a young sounding, yet firm voice says "i wouldnt try that if i were you!" the body squirmed like a catipillar and we jumped back, embarrased, startled and ready to run around the corner real fast, which is what we did...and laughed timidly. my earlier query to the matress situation...were these matresses for bums or high school kids losing their virginity seemed to be answered in a few short seconds. all good things must come to an end..even rad adventures too old pools, so we grabbed a car back to park slope. i was wondering if i should just go home, but i really just didnt want to run into the J so i snoozed in the cab and came back to his place. i decided in my brain that i was going to be tired and sleep..and no messing oround. i must have been pretty convincing to both of us cause 4 hours later we woke up, got a long still, and went out for breakfast. i had a grilled cheese sandwich with mayo and a chocolate milk shake. i was feeling better. we grabbed a movie on the way i decided to hang out a bit, and he seemed perfectly ok with that...but we got back here and passed out again. i just woke up. its a little after 5..and at some point i need to jump in the shower, cause im supposed to be at my friend Ethans party in 4 hours. i dont have my camera with me, which is a bummer. but going home..its so far away. when i get the les bulky digital cam, itll be easier to carry it around. maybe ill at least pick upa disposable still camera so i have pix. so yeah, my stomach is rumbling unhappily and i think im going to wake up the boy, the C and watch some of that movie we picked up. the same guy who did susperia.
Conrad is a sweety. im not sure what happening with us, but im having fun chilling and im making sure not to go crazy. i decided not to think about it.
i go through boys dont i. im always lonely, but yet..its always someone else. what is the fucking deal?

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