Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


i think this is the hottest day on record...EVER. ok, thats exaggerating, but i truly was seeing my life flash before my eyes on the F train today. I jumped on at Jay St., scored at seat at 2nd Avenue, and thought the ride was going well. Little did I know that the air conditioning would decide to fail. By the time 14th St rolled around, everyone was bitching and i realized my shower that morning was completely undermined by the subway gods. On top of this, I had this weird dude keep staring at me, and id close my eyes for a couple stops, and when id open them, he's still be looking at me. i was trying to figure out if he as insane or if i had this sign on my hear asking him to make please make me feel completely uncomfortable. needless to say i was happy to escape. that almost didnt happen though, cause there was this big guy lumbering slowly in front of the door. the chump behind me yelled something rude and we both managed to skip out the doors right before they shut.

theres a hot weather advisory in effect: old and young stay inside. drink lots of water, etc. supposed to feel like over 100. glad i have an office job on a day like this.

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