Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

why is the weekend almost over? not fair!

im craving thai food. badly. sorely.

these past 2 days have whizzed by like nobodys business. i mean, if they whizzed by any faster, id have missed them all together basically, i spent the whole time with Conrad, which actually turned out to be a good thing because it kept me from being home and pulling my hair out over the project (and here i digress to state that im at kinkos uploading files, and my confession18 is completely uploaded, but yet the doggie is still running, and i must also state that 9,887 bytes a second uploading will keep me here ALL freakin night!!)
ok, back to what i was saying..
yeah, so we went to see "Ghost World" at the angelika on friday night. its a good flick. pretty simple and funny. an easy view, in my opinion. the main girlie character seems so familiar, but i cant place her. shes got the voluptuous Christina Ricci charm going on for her. movie is based on the comic book, but since i dont read comics, that didnt help my understanding at all. in any case, i was late because it took me an hour on the bus, getting home. there was some HUGE accident on Tillary St. and traffic was backed up for miles. horrible. so i ran up to the front of the Angelika at 8:17pm, and it was only by the grace of an non-existant god that we not only made it to the movie before it started, but found two seats next to each other. i will be forever grateful. after the flick was over, i was starving, but i never got to eat because he took me to this totally indiana jones bar somewhere in the east village. im not kidding. the only thinkg giving new york away was the clientel of typical new yorkers. (As if there is one, but you know...) granted thats a big give away, but what witht eh stuccoish tan walls, candles, moroccan music, clay, lantern, and ethnic decor...i felt like Indie would walk around the corner at any second. i proceeded to get slightly intoxicated on a chambord and vodka followed by 2 glasses of white wine. now, that doesnt seem like much, but keep in mind id not eaten, and i was still starving. but the time we left, i think it was almost 4am. no food places were open and i settled for this chewy gummy candy called Harbino (cream strawberry flavor). not satisfying, but yeah, i dealt.
we took a cab back to his place. i was pretty naughty. should i let you imagine or should i tell you? naughty in the cab, i mean. i could have been naughtier, but i tried not to cross too many lines. lets just say pants came unbuttoned and leave it at that, shall we?

so we get back to his place and i dont think you need to do too much imagining here ;)

We slept in until 1 or 2 or something and finally made it to this little quaint diner in park slope around 3pm. While an egg and cheese sandwich sound ultimately yum accompanied by an order of mozzeralla sticks, the feeling that culminates afterward is about the worst thing ever. conrad and i lurched over to my place feeling ill. we sorta napped and got ourselves together. he was pretty facinated by the whole feeding the snake thing. (again i digress to comment that the woman next to me is irritated because the zip drive aint reading the zip discs. i ran into this problem earlier, but managed to switch computers with the woman on this one...)

yeah, so hmm, we end up stopping by the wiz to look at stereos. its hard to go into an electronics store with a boy. let me tell you. he wasnt too bad, i must admit. i remember the days in circuit city and best buy with erik and adam. oh the loathing as they talked about little details in machines. urghle.
he ended up not buying a stereo. being outta work makes ya cheap. but i have a feeling one of the new additions to his place will be a stereo when the job comes through.

on the way to the wiz, i managed to open by big mouth enough to sorta piss him off, but not too badly. theres one thing about him that im doing a good job of overlooinking cause i try not to be judgemental and picky. its a small thing. one of those little tweaky items like that would be played up on seinfeld...his ears. he doesnt clean them. oh, i feel terrible!! what a horrible little hang up! (hides) what should i do? i sorta tried to hint at it on the bus to the wiz, but he got sorta hurt, and then did nothing about it. ideas? sigh.

dinner: moroccan again. theme here??
(8.9 k per serond uplaoding!!! GRRR!!!!!)
i had moroccan bluefish with morocann potatoes. yummer. and it wasnt too expensive. im starting to get into cooking again. its hard you know, when you basically are cooking for yourself to get all inspired, but im tryng my darndest! going out to restaurants is for my cooking, as reading is for my writing (if i did read, that is) shame...

nothing much to note, really. just had a nice time. went to his place. 11pm..we both crashed out. woke up. ate some cookies. and scampered out of there at 9am, ready to actually do something with my day. got home., fell asleep until 1. woke up feeling guilty and wasteful.
now im here. freezing and needing thai food.
kinkos sucks

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