Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

holy shit!

i found a kinkos thats uploading at 28,995 bytes per second!
holy fucking shit shitty shit!

i think i proly jinxed it by showing my utter rejoicing that there might actually be a ftp god.
i might actually be able to get these larger crusades files up today after all. see the plan is to upload here and then hit the pool. its so crowded before 6:15 i might as waste some time here at the puter.

today flew by again. i love having things to do instead of checking my work email every 30 seconds to look busy. i took up holding my breath, checking email, and then waiting the next 30 seconds..forcing myself to hold it until it checked it again and came up empty. how bored is that? bored.

i wonder if jeramy fed his cat. hmmm, you think?

i got paid today, so another task is to move the required amount from each paycheck that im going to need to over to my other savings account. i opened another one,cause i knew id never save if i just told myself to leave a certain amount behind every time...i am a genius.

i have nothing really to reflect on at the moment. im just so happy that uploading is going about 5 times faster than what i had prepared myself for.

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