Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i had the best workout in the pool. its just amazing what kicking ass can do for your soul. if i feel slow or out of sync with the body, then i get all depressed and have to get out, and im generally in a bad mood for hours after. but, last night I was pushing, and did some 50's on 38 seconds. thats a good place to start. once i get them down to 30 seconds per 50 (thats 2 laps, for those that dont swim), then ill get getting happy again.
got home, ate a delicious cheddar and mayo sandwich and turned my attentions to
1. calling the girl, who as it happened, did not have her cell phone turned on. i left her a message. i was kinda happy she didnt answer, because i wasnt in a talking mood, really. i was tired from the pool and all, but i did want to call and say hello. i dont like games. if i like someone, i call. as you all know, im definately not pressed for attention these days, so i figure if they think im desparate, then, its their loss.

2. called jeramys pager and chewed him out, because i got home, and he still hadnt bothered to come home and feed his cat. i called him and COMPLETELY bawled him out on a message. he called me (leaving a message) and said that maybe i could be nice for once and feed the cat...and i called him (again, leaving a message) and said that it not just about food. this cat needs attention. his animal needs him to be around every once in a while. you cant just neglect it for days and then toss food at it and leave again. who the hell did he think he was that he could treat anything like that! im not going to feed his cat. i feel terrible. its not the animals fault. but i have to make a stand.

3. called conrad, who didnt get his job at doubleclick. sigh...hes still searching and hoping that in September, the hiring will pick up in the dotcom industry. he calls me every day. sometimes i feel a little overwhelmed. (please note: when i say called conrad...i was calling him back regarding a message he left) yeah, but whatever.

so that was my night. i soon passed out, being that it was 11pm, and my body was finally ready to give up the fight against the 80 degrees, muggy heat of the apartment. good thing i have a fan. i would have died last night. ihope it rains soon and releases NYC from the terror of the summer.

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