Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Human Cloning

Now, here is something I can get riled up about. I'm sure people are doing it already and they have gotten a lot farther than we could imagine.

im against human cloning. completely. the theory is cool. but everything else sucks.

you heard the rates of success with animals right? (first off, let me say that i believe cloning of animals constitutes animal cruelty)
well, imagine, if you will, a senario like Aliens 4, when the cloned Ripley was walking through her room full of Ripley failures. Thats what its going to be like. tubes and bottles full of failed people. some not concsious, others in pain, while scientists poke and prod and experiment. i think its worse than death camps.
i know some people are all for it on the basis that cloning could provide a chance for parents who could otherwise not have children, reproduce. but hey, there are so many people in the world already, why cant we adopt? why do we need MORE people. Other questions I have toyed with:

1. will these cloned humans now be the most "inferior" race? ( know I dont believe that any one race is better than the next...i simply want to point out that these new "cloned" people will proly get the shit end of the stick on the bigot social ladder)

2. Will we clone all races? will we mix them? will people protest no matter what we do?

3. undoubtedly, someone out there wasnts to create superpeople. more experimenting and pain. is it worth it?

i truly believe that humans should ndot play God. its not our place and things have a tendancy to go terribly wrong. This being said, i will reitterate (ok, i cant spell!) that im sure there are cloning experiements going on already, and as Conrad brought up last night on the phone...this will turn into a huge black market sort of deal.

id just like to to hear your thoughts on all of this.

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