Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

first meeting

i had my first "Away from the office" business meeting today. all of a sudden, im getting props and stuff from the bosses. i think its because that 3 month "trial-probation" period is over, when ya first start.
in any case, we met with the people who handle our tradeshows, and the man ill be working with to create the tradeshow logistics miracle in November, for the ICE show in Atlanta. (was that a runon sentence? I think it was...)
this is really the first meeting ive felt like a huge contributing partner. at here and now, i always felt a little out of the i was there for show (which i think i was...) and not much for talking. but yeah, this is all my deal, even if it s asmall deal. it is responsibility and trust, considering if i dont make things happen, we;; have 4 guys from the US and me and 3 guys from japan sitting in an empty, expensive booth space. no fun at all.

in the meantime, im hoping i can make all my bills these next 2 weeks. i mean, i can, but that means absolutely no spending money. eating here at work. i can do it! basically, over a third of this check goes to rent, then another third goes to saving for moving out. that leaves a third for...
bills. which, will basically take the rest. plus, i HAD to get some clothing drycleaned that ive not cleaned since i bought them in May. (YUCK!) so, thats another 25$. its great when you're down to the line.
as i told Jeramy, ive taken on this new perspective. life HAS to be an adventure. if i let myself get stressed out about money or moving or whatever, then ill collapse. these are the stories ill look back on and know i struggled for a purpose. besides, how are you supposed to chat with yur old friends about moving ot NYC wiif you didnt have a "i almost died moving here" story?

but yeah, ive get to live on tomato soup and pasta this week. its not so bad. plus, my health benefits and 401k kick in on wednesday
PLUS: my best guy friend TIM will be here on Wednesday. I LOVE him. LOVE. cant wait!!!
its so exciting to have a best friend in the city. ive known him since i started college. i saw him from across the room and i KNEW we were meant to be friends. you just know. i went through the first 2 years of college having the BIGGEST crush on him...and everyone said wwe should get together..
then one day, we hooked up and it was terrible and awkward for a few weeks. then we got over it, and have been closer and happier than ever. ive not seen him for a year, since he was doing the double degree 5 year program at Oberlin. (physics and music!!) So, its going to be sooo good to see him. People still say we should get together. I say,get over it. we're like Monica and Joey, you know?

weekend news:
worked on video. i have a surprise. i new art form to explore. ill be uploading tomorrow and wednesday. psyche!!
i would today too, but its the last day at work for my boss Jiro before he goes back to Japan, and hes takin me out for dinner for the apple pie i baked him. hes a character. love him. so yeah, uploading will wait until tomrrow.

Phone line news:
Verizon SUCKS ass!!! My phone line hasnt been operational since the claimed to turn it on. Guys came out on Saturday and took off the phone jack, went outside, said there was a block outtage...came back, put back on the jack, and went outside, never ot return. they did all this between the hours of 12pm and 5pm..and didnt show up until 4:55. just like fate.

Cynthia and Angela are having a quiet conversatation. people whisper in this office so much. as long as its not about me...

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