Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

how should i respond?

remember domenic?
of course. the hot little welder guy who stood me up. i was pissed. ive not heard a peep from him since that incident. not a word or fleeting thought.

this morning in my inbox i find:

"Spank me hard for I've been bad.....Domenic"

huh? out of the blue. written at 2:30am. why the hell would he write me? unless he was drunk...
i dont know.
i need a good response.
so far, ive gotten

:with what weapon:
:who are you?:

im going to think this one over. should i respond at all? is he apologizing, or trying other angles cause some other lady didnt work out?
i really think about things too much...
but, back to my original question...
how should i respond.
if you dont know who domencic is, theres a couple confessions all about him...
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