Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


why does eveything seem against me in my project??
my trial fetch ran out, so i couldnt upload...
to i downloaded it again, and what do you know, ya cant install it at kinkos..
so i took the installer home last night and re-installed the program on my zip disc.
then i did 3 more movies (fourth of JUly..finally!!)

this morning when i went to upload...the trial STILL said that my time ran up on August 2nd.

so, how the hell am i supposed to load up my stuff?? my only hope is to open up a new zip disc, and download the fetch program tomorrow...
then open it at home on my computer (which i think messes it up with the time and all, cause the program can detect that itsbeen on my ocmputer before) and then try and upload on friday.

verizon STILL hasnt turned on my phone line..
and the repair guys didnt do shit when they came out on Saturday
i swear to not paying this months phone bill. i gotta get on the horn during lunch and BITCH loudly.

im just itching to get up the next few movies. they all all in the crusades section. grrrr.

Domenic's email..i wrote back. (yikes!) i used the "with which weapon?" answer! lets see what happens.

Tim will be coming into town today. ill be calling him later.

I think i pissed off conrad last night. ive been so not flowing with that the last few days and i think i sorta take it out on him. i like to talk, but im irritated about something. maybe its myself and not feeling like im getting work done. maybe its him calling me a fucker. im not sure, so i cant make decisions yet. thats the problem. im not making decisions. im sorta just sitting around and not doing anything. maybe i should call it off. but i like to hang out.

i need a vacation. i think thats what i REALLY need. where can i go for a weekend? where?

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