Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

nothing much happened last night. i left owrk around 5:45 to go pick up my dry cleaning and the place had already closed. i walked down to the C train and waited and felt irritated that Id just wasted a good swim day for a closed dry cleaning company.

returned home to find a pissed cat, after 2 days of not eating. several hours later, there was a pissed Jeramy cause I hadnt fed his cat. J was wearing a new red CCCP t-shirt. he informed me that he'd been hanging out at John Kennedy Jr's house. Im thinking...ooookkk. I guess hes met rich friends. Glad he's having fun, at least.

I chatted with Conrad on the phone and grew excessivly irritated with life in general, and had to go. flipped through the saks fifth avenue catalog and wished i could buy a couple of items of clothing. reviewed some video clips.
called Tim, whos phone was off. Wondered if Domenic would call, which he didnt.
did i tell you my reply? no i didnt. i told him to his last message that he was welcome to call and grovel for redemption, but otherwise, he was outta luck.
oh well. im not too sad.

i need to escape though. where? where can i go?

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