Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

turbulant weekend

More happens in my weekends than I ever expect. And most of the time I expect something completely different (my all seeing and understantding goddessness does get it wrong sometimes ;) )

Friday sucked. Noone was home and I needed to play. The home life fell around me as JEramy screamed at me about not taking care of his cat. He threw beer bottles, slammed my door, raised his hands at me, as if to threaten to hit me. He tells me Im 12 and have mental problems. That I have huge issues to deal with with the relationship. I dont know..after someone screams that at you for a while, you wonder if you really are ok. i think i am. i just want to move out and get on with my life...
but i dont know. in any case, i lost it and being that noone answered the phone, I ended upat Conrads. Entirely not where I wanted to be, NOt cause I dont like him, but i knew what he hoped me showing up would lead to. I told him right off that I needed a friend. Thats all I was looking for. We went out for a couple of drinks and then headed back to his place. He was pretty frisky, as I expected, but I turned him down on the pretense of being sick, which i felt like I might be. It was sorta shocking to me that he kept sorta trying. My mom would say "thats what you get by going to a boys house" but noone else was answerign the phone. in any case, I felt strange the whole night after we got back from the bar and I left shortly after I awoke on Saturday. I didnt go immediatly home, but instead took the NR to Lawrence St. and walked down Court street and explored BRook;yn heights, cobble hill and Carroll Gardens more throughly. I know thats where I REALLY wanna be, but its sorta expensive. ill be hard pressed to find a studio for 1000 or under. Hmm.

more later...its after 9, so i gots to work

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