Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

the fire alarm keeps going off. theres a fire alarm pulled on the 17th floor.

im stuck on the 41st floor, so lets hope its not too serious! Since noone is rushing around, i guess its alright. we have fire alarms here every other week, it seems. if there were really a fire, id die. how comforting!

1. my phone line doesnt work and my landlord tells me that there is no "main line" so how come i have no dial tone? the poor person who answers customer service at verizon is gonna hearit from me!!!

2. i think im gonna cut my hair after work. put it on the credit card. eeek! maybe go blonde again. what do you think? when i get schitzo, i change my hair. you know that. and im pretty stressed out. besides, when its blonde, i can start on the whole range of colors again....

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