Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

he crept into my room like a stealth rapist, chilling me, even though i was almost sweating under the tossled and turned quilt. This exersize was made even more extrordinary because earlier when he left for the party, he threatened me saying--

"There better not be anyone in here when I get home..."

He didnt even knock. It was as if there were no door. I could smell the liquor on his breath as he kissed me and ran his hands between my bare breasts.

"I still love you, you know. You were all I could think about tonight. There were so many pretty girls at the party, but all I wanted to do was come home to you..."

He continued to wash his hands over my stomach and thighs, thankfully neglecting to hit any sparks that might lead to a firely mistake.

I tell him: " If I made love to you tonight it would only end in more hurt for you. Do I need to do anything else to you as this point?"

After a bit more pawing, and with me too sick and too tired to do much else except avoid his small wet kisses and dragon tongue, he pulls himself of of me to leave.

"Well, if you really want me, you will come into my room and sleep next to me and ravish me, take me, like you used to."

The door shut. He left me no choice but to fall back asleep.

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