Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I drank more pages of Henry and June last night, as if I had been crossing the desert without words and found an oasis. That little metaphor is pretty much true when you consider that I've not read a book all the way through since...well, I know it's been over a year. With a third of the book left, I expect to finish it by Friday. What a letdown: to come to the end, the back cover, and not yet want to put the pages on the shelf. Its enough to keep me from reading for a good 'nother year.

Tim called to let me know that his house was my house. I plan on staying weekend to get some air. There is a beautiful little park right down the street, next to the river. The view of Manhattan is breathtaking, especially at night. I am looking forward to finding some solitude for a few days.

The J knocked on my door last night. I didn't realize this until I observed that the putrid cement of dried cat shit that Ifrit had sprayed on the floor there, two days before, was missing. This reminded me that he did indeed knock on my door (for it was locked) and I replyed "Sleeping!!!"
I do hope that he won't knock on my door every night. The ridiculous jealously is uncalled for. And I need my rest without disruptions.

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