Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

it has been confirmed. i will be vacationing in astoria starting tomorrow evening. This is perfect because I will not have to pack any pesky work clothing, since Friday is casual day in the office. Plus, I can feed the fish on Thursday, and then sneak home on Saturday again to pick up/ drop off/ and feed the fish,during the day. Oh to own reptiles and not a cat! How much easier it is to be on the move.
I'll bring my camera(s), journal, and of course Henry and June. Can you tell I'm excited? Almost like the instant you hit the water after plummeting, dry and hot, down a slick and steep waterslide. It's that sorta of excitement. Sudden and refreshing.

My bosses just stopped by to show off a picture of a snake in a pet store brochure. I still have not figured out why they are so obsessed with my snake: why they ask about her every day, and talk amongst themselves about the snake..or ask when the conversation dies....

"Does snake choke you?"
They left the brochure on my desk.
They think me a strange girl. They are right.
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