Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

the sickness spreads.

angela is sneezing. Judy rubs her eyes and wishes she would have slept last night instead of coughing. I wash my hands every 30 minutes, especially after touching the community copy machine. The last thing I need to grapple with is a cold.

My strep throat feels 100% better. Two more days of antibiotics. I dispise taking pills of any sort. I think it follows the whole "defective psychosis" I have. There is something wrong with me if i need to take pills. I want to believe I am indestructible, perfect, vital, and popping pills underminds that egotistical confidence. I only hope that all the pills I will ever have to take will be for physical problems. Once the mind goes, I am afraid of what I will do. Insanity is as strong as sanity. My sanity has been lifting weights. I worry my insanity will be the dark passenger in the alleyway, waiting to pounce and kill.
Losing one's mind runs in my family. I hope to have many good and happy years left. Will I know when my time comes? Will my noodle soup look differently? Will humans with dogs seem more normal? Or will everyone just look on, or at me with pityful eyes?

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